EV Charging Stations – Map

EV Charging Stations Map - Vivid Electric Inc - Licensed Electrician

Locate EV Charging Stations all over Canada Use this map to locate EV charge points across Canada or in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Mississauga, etc. Learn more on our EV Chargers page. Are you looking to install an EV charger at your home? Give us a call or visit our location at 216 Aldercrest […]

EV Charger Installation Checklist

EV chargers installation checlist - Vivid Electric Inc - Licesed Electrician in GTA

Bought an Electric Vehicle? If so, you most certainly have thought about installing an EV charger at your home. Because not only is it cost-effective, but it’s also convenient. You can charge your vehicle anytime in the comfort of your home without paying extra at commercial charging stations. Here’s a quick list of steps that […]

EV Charging tips to save on bills and extend the battery life of your vehicle

EV Charging Tips - Vivid Electric - Licensed Electricians for EV charger installation

Top EV Charger tips Even though Electric Vehicles have proven to be more efficient and cost-effective than any other type of vehicle, changing some parts, especially the battery, can leave a hole in your pocket. Batteries used for EV vehicles are very similar to regular batteries in other equipment. To help you get the most […]

Top 4 EV Chargers in 2022

Top 4 EV Chargers in 2022 - Vivid Electric Inc - Licensed Electrician

Top 4 EV Chargers in 2022 (Canada) In the upcoming years, electric vehicles are about to change the world for good. So, let’s say you give in to the temptation of buying yourself an electric vehicle. Then what? You’ll quickly realize that owning an electric vehicle, in a lot of ways, is different than owning […]

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